Passions: Jesus Christ (†); Wife Liz and baby to be, yet unnamed, but already loved; Family and friends.

Interests: Typogaphy (¶), Simplistic illustration & iconography. The amperstand & ellipsis… Working on stuff around the house.

Profession: Graphic Design, although i'm really only mostly a production artist most of the time. Well — it's a start!

Attributes: Not cutting my hair for now is an attribute that is not really relevant to anyone, unless you are a barber, which i am not, but this guy i know is. Long time no cut.

Goals: Thank those who need to be thanked, love my neighbour as myself, refine my crude calligraphy skills, make some t-shirt designs, and many many more. Perhaps distilling my goals a bit would be a good goal. Oh, drat. Just added another goal.

Seldom used brotherly Remark: How's up?